Professional training of employees

You are an employer, you need your employees to learn Occitan to improve their professional activities the skills they use in their workstation
You are unemployed or employed and you need to progress in Occitan to find a job, or to sustain your work.

A "PARLAR" course of 3 consecutive days or a "SETMANIERS" at the rate of 1h30 per week, will allow employees to progress, in immersion and in a fun way, to speak and write the language. In the midst of a group with similar motivations, you will learn faster.

We will support you in a flexible and adapted, lively and dynamic way to help you achieve your goals.

By dint of deepening skills in the Occitan language and culture, employees can be presented for a language certfiant exam (CEFR from level A1 to C1).

Occitan will become a real professional communication tool.
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