The CFPO RO adheres to the Calandreta charter

Member of the CFPO network, with CFPOC-Nouvelle Aquitaine and CFPO-Auvergne,
The CFPO RO is in close contact with the APRENE establishment
It is involved with other training centers to which we offer our introductory modules to Occitan language and culture.

It is a partner of the Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée Region within the framework of regional training programs.
It is also a partner of the Office Public de la Langue Occitane (OPLO) and the CIRDOC Institut occitan de cultura.

It benefits from an agreement with the Ministry of National Education for continuing training actions for teachers at establishments practicing linguistic immersion in the regional language Calandreta, la Bressola, Diwan, Seaska and A.B.C.M. Zweisprachigkeit.

Quality certification Certif'Region labeling until December 2021.

In spring 2021, he committed to the Qualiopi certification process

It is registered DATADOCK

These authorizations allow these training courses to obtain funding within the framework of continuing training (vocational training leave, training plan, etc.) from local authorities, employment centers, OPCOs or administrations.
Actions de Formation
OF registered under number: 91340275334