The CFPO Région Occitanie is recognized as a preparatory center for the DCL Occitan exams.

The DCL offers each year an exam in Occitan language and culture for adults. Registrations are usually open in February-March. The exam itself takes place in the second half of May. This meets the needs of adult learners who wish to obtain an evaluation of their level of competence according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (or CEFR).

Each person in a training course with the CFPO Région Occitanie can ask for his registration to the DCL. However, some of the training courses delivered by the CFPO Région Occitanie imply the obligation to take the DCL occitan exam. This obligation is indicated in the course description [APRENE-1; FF; FIT-interpreters].
Level A Exam
Called Aprendís in Occitan, allowing to be in a level of discovery of the language (A1), to communicating it in a simple way (A2)
Level B Exam
Called Biaissut in Occitan, to position candidates at the B1 or B2 level. simple participation (B1) to arguing opinions (B2)
Level C Exam
Called Cèrt in Occitan, allowing to identify his level of comprehension of long texts and use of the language effectively in social and professional life C1 and C2. The exam takes into account your degree of mastery of the various Occitan dialects.
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