Vocational Training Center in Occitan
Occitanie Region


The Parlar course on December 5, 6 and 7, 2023 will be on the theme of local specialties.
You will find the registration form and can choose what you want to cook and eat by clicking here.

Are you looking for training in Occitan ?

For almost 30 years, the association has been training in the Occitan language and culture, and in occupations requiring Occitan, anyone who so wishes, through training and preparation for certification or diploma. You will progress thanks to our training, weekly courses and language courses.

By preparing for a language level certification, you will be able to present proof of your skills.

Our professional training activities are part of a quality approach, made up of support towards the integration of trainees into employment.

The employees of the Occitan Professional Training Center - Occitanie Region are at your disposal for all your training needs.

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Our trainers

The same policy and the same recruitment process apply to all of our face-to-face and distance trainers.
Our trainers meet the following requirements:

• Our salaried trainers have all followed a training course validated by the title trainer for adults (FPA).

• They have significant experience of training with adults.

• They are perfectly bilingual and can teach Occitan while speaking Occitan.

• Their integration into Occitan cultural networks guarantee the discovery and appropriation of Occitan culture.

• They have experience in language training for adults in companies.

• They demonstrate interpersonal skills, dynamism and know how to mobilize and motivate their learners.

• They are aware of the different learning profiles and know how to adapt to them.
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